Conference 2006 - Conference Programme

‘Globalization and Business History .
16-17 June 2006, Laws Building Queen Mary, University of London

Programme Committee:
Teresa da Silva Lopes
Neil Rollings
John Wilson

Conference Organizer:
Teresa da Silva Lopes (

Friday, 16 June 2006

9.30 - 11.00 am – Registration/ ABH Council Meeting

11.00 - 12.30 pm - Session 1

1A: Globalization and Historical Geography (Laws Building Room G4)

Chair: Geoffrey Jones, Harvard Business School

‘The Historical Geography of International Business’
Mark Casson, University of Reading

‘Globalization of the ICT labour force’
William Lazonick, INSEAD and UMass Lowell

‘A River of Business: Enterprise on the Severn, 1750-1950’
Richard Coopey, University of Aberystwyth
1B: International Barriers to Entry (Laws Building Room G5)

Chair: Alice Teichova, University of Cambridge

‘British Industry, the EEC and Barriers to Cross-National European Mergers in the 1960s’
Neil Rollings, University of Glasgow

‘International Cartels in an era of Good Feeling and Depression, 1900-1940’
Bram Bouwens and Joost Dankers, Utrecht University

‘The Evolution of the Legal Treatment of Collusion of American and European Business’
Sheilla Ferraz-Luz, University of Hertfordshire

1C: Knowledge Transfer and Professionalization of Business (Laws Building Room 100)
Chair: Terry Gourvish, London School of Economics

‘Sources of Managerial Knowledge in Republican China, 1910-1940: a Preliminary
Bibliometric Analysis’
Stephen L. Morgan, University of Melbourne

‘How Professional Firms Derailed the Professionalisation of Management in America’
Christopher McKenna, Said Business School, University of Oxford

‘Transatlantic Transfer : Adapting US Management and Education to a British Context ’

Mitch Larson, University of Ashland, USA

1D: Critical Perspectives (Laws Building Room 104)

Chair: Gerry Hanlon, Queen Mary University of London

‘Competing Perspectives on the ‘Managerial Revolution’: from ‘Managerialist’ to ‘anti-Managerialist’
Michael Rowlinson, Queen Mary, University of London
Steven Toms, University of York
John Wilson, University of Central Lancashire

‘American Post bellum Evolution in Organizing and Managing Control Systems for a Consumer Polity:
Counter Narratives & Critical Realism, 1860s-1890s’
Peter Clark, Queen Mary, University of London

‘Revisiting Homo Economicus: Prosopography for Business, Management and Financial History’
Alan Carroll, Leeds Business School
12.30 - 1:30 pm Lunch

1.30 - 3:00 pm - Session 2

2A: The European Corporation: Myth or Reality? (Laws Building G41)

Chair: John Wilson, University of Central Lancashire

'Mapping Corporate Europe’
John Wilson, University of Central Lancashire

‘Changing corporate strategies in an age of Europeanization – the case of Denmark and Spain , 1973- 2003 '
Martin Iversen, Copenhagen Business School
Veronica Binda, Bocconi University

‘Patterns of Evolution in Italian Big Business, 1985-2005’
Andrea Colli, Bocconi University
2B: Globalization, Productivity and Services (Laws Building Room G5)
Chair: William Lazonick, INSEAD and UMass Lowell

‘Market Services and the Productivity Race: Britain in International Perspective, 1850-2000’
Stephen Broadberry, University of Warwick

‘Are Services as Productive as we think? The Challenges of Productivity Measurements Indicator
in a Changing Globalizing Economy’
Birgitte Andersen, Birkbeck, University of London
Marva Corley, United Nation’s International Labour Office

' The Technological Position of European Countries in Historical Perspective: Catching Up,
Agglomeration and Path-Dependency'
Odile E.M. Janne, Birkbeck, University of London

2C: Global Fashion and Textiles (Laws Building Room 100)

Chair: Mary Rose, University of Lancaster

' The Foundations of the Italian Fashion System in the Post World War II years’
Francesca Polese, Bocconi University

‘Globalization and Fashion Risks: Strategies of UK High Street Retailers, c. 1970-2005’

Shinobu Majima,
University of Manchester

‘The ascendance of the Italian Fashion brands, 1970-2000

Elisabetta Merlo, Bocconi University
2D: Banking, Insurance and Innovation (Laws Building Room 104)
Chair: Janette Rutterford, Open University

‘Retreat from Globalisation? The impact of Barriers to Entry in the Hong Kong Banking System 1965-1980’
Catherine R. Schenk, University of Glasgow

‘Regulatory Regimes and Multinational Insurers before 1914’
Robin Pearson, University of Hull
Mikael Lonnborg, University College of Southern Stockholm, Sweden

‘Advertising, Marketing and Product Innovation: Banks and the search for New Customers in Interwar Britain’
Lucy Newton,
The University of Reading

3.00 - 3:30 pm Coffee Break

3.30 - 5.00 pm - Session 3

3A: Globalization of Industries (Laws Building Room G4)

Chair: Jim Bamberg, BP Project

‘Blond and Blue-Eyed? Globalization of Beauty, 1945-1980
Geoffrey Jones, Harvard Business School

‘Globalization in the Consumer Magazine Industry: Two Routes to Internationalization’
Howard Cox,
Worcester Business School
Simon Mowatt,
Auckland University of Technology

The Globalisation of the Pharmaceutical Industry in the Twentieth Centur
Judy Slinn, Oxford Brookes University
3B: Foreign Direct Investment (Laws Building Room G5)
Chair: Colin Divall, University of York

‘Double Standards:A neglected Area in the Business History of Globalization’

Geoffrey Tweedale, Manchester Metropolitan University Business School

‘British Capital in Maikop: A Disaster or An Unrealized Potential

Anna Ryzhova, St. Petersburg State University of Economy and Finance

‘Globalisation and Thai Business: Dynamics of Foreign Direct Investment, 1985-2005’

Pavida Pananond,
Thammasat Business School, Thailand
3C: Technology and evolution of firms (Laws Building Room 100)
Chair: Ray Stokes, University of Glasgow

‘The Business and Technological History of Automated Teller Machines in the UK, 1967-2005, A Primer’
Bernardo Batiz-Lazo,
Bristol Business School
Abass Barrie,
London South Bank University

‘The Evolution of Corporate Technology Profiles of Large Firms, 1969-95
Elena Kosmopoulou, The University of Reading

‘The Exploitation of the Pilkingtom Float Process 1959-1987: An Exercise in Global Diffusion’
David Bricknell,
Manchester Metropolitan University
3D: New Perspectives (Laws Building Room 104)
Chair: Andrew Popp, Royal Holloway, University of London

‘Whitaker Wright, Murray Griffith and the Bloomsbury Syndicate raid on the Metropolitan District Railway’
Paul Hadley, Birkbeck, University of London

‘Tinker, tailor…beggar man’: The Flexibility and Mobility of Economic Migrants’
Anne J Kershen, Queen Mary, University of London

‘A Global Pond - Globalization and Trade in the Archaic Mediterranean’
Kristoffer Momrak,
University of Bergen

5.00 - 5.15 pm - Coffee Break

5.15 - 6.45 pm - Coleman Prize Sessio

Chairs: Richard Coopey, University of Aberystwyth
.Alan Carroll, Leeds Business School

'The Business of Transatlantic Migration between Europe and the USA,
Andrew Allan Keeling,
University of California, Berkeley

'Competition and Cooperation: US Trade and Foreign Direct Investment in
Malaya, 1870 - 1957'
Shakila Parween Yacob, University of Reading

'Determinants of the Decline of British Leyland: The Roles of Product
Qulaity, Advertising and Voluntary Export Restraints (1971-2002)'
James Walker, London School of Economics

'The Persistence of Post War Accounting Practices in UK Agriculture'
Lisa Jack, University of Essex

7.00 - 7.30 pm - Drinks

7.30 pm - Conference Dinner

Saturday, 17 June 2006

9.00 - 10.30 am - Session 4

4A: Corporate Governance (Laws Building Room G4)

Chair: Mark Casson, The University of Reading

‘Power, Cultural Reproduction and Corporate Governance: France and Britain Compared
Charles Harvey, Strathclyde Business School
Mairi Maclean, Bristol Business School
Jon Press, Bath Spa University

'Do Institutions Matter for Technological Change in Transitional Economies?'
Brigitte Granville, Queen Mary University of London
Carol S Leonard, St Anthony's College, Oxford University

‘Bipedal Capitalism and Modern Economic Growth: corporate governance and performance
in the state and private enterprise’
Peter Wardley, University of the West of England

4B: Government and National Industries (Laws Building Room G5)
Chair: Ludovic Cailluet, University of Toulouse

‘Global Enterprises in a National Context: The Seven Sisters in West Germany, 1945 - 1973’
Ray Stokes,
University of Glasgow

Government, Central Bank and Credit to Industry: The Case of Italy in the Years of the Oil Shocks’

Anna Spadavecchia,
The University of Reading

‘Co-Operation and Conflict Between Firms, Communities, New Social Movements and the Role of
Government: V. Cerro de San Pedro Case’

José G. Vargas-Hernández,
Instituto Tecnologico de Cd. Guzman, Mexico
4C: Firms and Technological Choices (Laws Building Room 100)
Chair: Steve Tolliday, University of Leeds

‘The Development of Japanese Management in the Stage of Early Industrialization: Sanji Muto of
Kanegafuchi Cotton Spinning Company, 1896-1921
Tetsuya Kuwahara, Kobe University

‘Large Firms in European Peripheral Economies: Portugal, 1880s-1920s’
Pedro Neves, ISEG, University of Lisbon

‘Technological Choices in The Rise of The Meiji Cotton-Spinning Industry c1870-1900’
Eugene K. Choi,
University of Cambridge
4D: National Identity and Brand Loyalty (Laws Building Room 104)
Chair: Per Hansen, Copenhagen Business School

‘Consumer Voice and Brand Loyalty: The Uses of Market Research at Lever and J. Walter Thompson
in Britain, 1920-1939

Stefan Schwarzkopf, Queen Mary, University of London

‘Quality Control and Collective Reputation :The Case of Madeira Embroidery
Benedita Cârmana, Universidade da Madeira

‘Archibald Cameron Corbett, The Growth of Suburban London: a Study of Integrated Marketing in the
Housing Development of Suburban London c.1890-1914’

Michael Heller,
Queen Mary, University of London
10.30 - 11.00 am - Coffee Break

11.00 - 12.30 pm - Session 5

5A: Panel Session: Varieties of Business History (Laws Building Room G4)

Chair: Christopher Kobrak, ESCP-EAP, European School of Management

John Wilson,
University of Central Lancashire

Mick Rowlinson,
Queen Mary, University of London

Steve Toms,
University of York
5B: Waves of Globalization (Laws Building Room G5)
Chair: Yousseff Cassis, University of Geneva and London School of Economics

‘Big Firms in Spain at the end of Two Globalization Waves, 1913 & 2000
Albert Carreras & Xavier Tafunell, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

‘Portuguese Multinational Firms, 1980-2005
Ana Bela Nunes, Carlos Bastien, Nuno Valério, ISEG, University of Lisbon

‘The wave of Foreign Acquisitions: The case of Denmark in 1980s and the 1990s
Jesper Strandskov and Kurt Pedersen, The Aarhus School of Business

5C: Consumption Society (Laws Building Room 100)
Chair: Roy Church, University of East Anglia

‘Was there a `Consumer Revolution’ in Interwar Britain?
Peter Scott, The University of Reading

‘Time is Money: a Re-assessment of the Passenger Social Savings from Victorian British Railways’
Tim Leunig, London School of Economics

‘The Chicken, the Factory Farm, and the Supermarket: The Industrialisation of Poultry Farming in Britain,

Andrew Godley and Bridget Williams,
The University of Reading
5D: Early Globalization Waves (Laws Building Room 104)
Chair: Catherine Schenk, University of Glasgow

‘Imperial Business and Imperialists: Assessing the Relationship between the Ashanti Goldfields Corporation
and the Government, 1897-1957’

Ayowa Afrifa Taylor,
London School of Economics

‘Globalization and Trade Networks: Reactions from the Chinese Grain Market, 1870 -1936’

Kai Yiu Chan
, Tunghai University, Taiwan

‘J. P. Morgan & Co’s South Manchurian Railway Loan: The Cultural Context of US Dollar Diplomacy’
Susie J. Pak,
St. John’s University, USA

12.30 - 1.30 – Lunch and Annual ABH General Meeting

1.30 - 3.00 pm – Session 6

6A: Foreign Market Entry Strategies (Laws Building Room G4)

Chair: Ioanna Minoglou, University of Athens

‘Brands in Chains’
Paul Duguid, University of California Berkeley

'Hollywood Multinationals in Foreign Markets: The Case of United Artists in Britain in the 1930s and 1940s'

Peter Miskell,
The University of Reading

‘Market versus Integration. The Process of Internationalization of the Spanish Wine Firms, 1900-2000’
Eva Fernández-García,
Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla
6B: Business and International Financial Crisis (Laws Building Room G5)
Chair: Trevor Boyns, University of Cardiff

‘Financial Crisis, Contagion and Resilience: UK Banks in the 1930s'
Mark Billings and Forrest Capie, Nottingham University, Business School

‘History in the Making: Implementing Resource Accounting & Budgeting’
Alan Parkinson, Queen Mary, University of London

‘Engineering and Sociology in an EDP Project: Third Generation Computing and British Banks, 1965-75’
Alan Booth,
University of Exeter
6C: Mature Global Industries (Laws Building Room 100)

Chair: Neil Rollings, University of Glasgow

‘Automobiles and the Product Life-Cycle in Mature Industries
James Walker, The University of Reading

'New Game - Old Rules? The Integration of the European Car Market, 1966 -1980'
Giuliano Maielli, Queen Mary, University of London

‘Glaxo and Beecham go Global, 1970-2000’
T.A.B. Corley, The University of Reading

6D: Cooperation and Competition (Laws Building Room 104)

Chair: Kenichi Yasumuro University of Hyogo

‘Look West? The Business of Cooperation with Malaysian Government-Linked Companies
Shakila Yacob, University of Malaya, Malaysia

‘The Transformation of Local Firms and the Global Competition: the Japanese Hosiery Industry’
Takahide Yamaguchi,
University of Hyogo
Tomohiro Seki,
Hannan University

‘Emerging Patterns of Corporate Diversification and Internationalization: A case History of International

Mahtab Akhavan Farshchi,
London South Bank University

3.00 - 3.15 pm Coffee Break

3.15 - 5.00 pm - Session 7

7A: Theoretical Frameworks (Laws Building Room G4)

Chair: Roy Edwards, Southampton University

‘Institutionalisms and the Contested Role of Human Agency in the Process of Institutional Change’
Kyle Bruce
, Aston Business School
Peter von Staden
, University of the West of England
Paolo DiMartino
, University of Manchester
Roy Edwards
, Southampton University

‘Critical Perspectives on Climate Change and Organisations: the Historical Contribution’
Richard Blundel
, Oxford Brookes University
Tina Fawcett
, University of Oxford

‘Sequential Investment and the Growth of the Firm
Nigel Wadeson, The University of Reading

‘Globalization and Glocalization: an Epistemological Analysis from Business Economics’
Massimo Pollifroni, University of Turin

7B: Competitive Advantage and Concentration (Laws Building Room G5)

Chair: Laura Ugolini, University of Wolverhampton

‘IBM v. Microsoft: Competing Visions of Technology’
Agnes Delahaye-Dado, Queen Mary, University of London

‘How to Survive in a Dynamic Institutional Environment – Foreign Department Stores in China before 1949’

Haiming Hang
, The University of Reading

‘The Evolution of Chinese Multinationals from the 1980s’
Yong Yang, Queen Mary, University of London

'In Search of an Effective Monitoring Board: China's Corporate Law Reform and Its Implication
for Corporate Governance Convergance'

Chao Xi, SOAS University of London

7C. International Transportation (Laws Building Room 100)

Chair: Maggie Walsh, University of Nottingham

‘Merchants and Steam: The transfer of Steam Technology to the US, 1800-1860

John Killick, University of Leeds

‘Professionalisation of Management: Transport Management comes of Age’
Kevin Hey, Salford Business School

‘Linking Nigeria with the World: railway Imperialism in Nigeria, 1877-1945

Tokunbo A. Ayoola, University of Greenwich

5.00 pm – End of the Conference