Teresa Lopes

Coleman Prize Winner 2011

Xavier Duran Amorocho

Dr Duran holds a BA and MSc in economics (University of los Andes), an MSc in Technology and Innovation Management (University of Sussex), a PhD in economic history (London School of Economics) and postdoctoral studies at the economics department (Northwestern University). He has over a decade experience on research on innovation and technological change, including collection and analysis of innovation statistics in the manufacturing sector in Colombia, collection and analysis of collaboration and poverty impact statistics in public-private partnerships in Africa and Asia, and development of statistics to measure the transfer of knowledge from universities to the rest of the economy. In London he studied economic history, to investigate technological change and innovation in long term perspective. His research on the incentives to private investment incentives for building the first US transcontinental railroad and the role of subsidies in inducing private investment won the 2011 Coleman Prize for Best Dissertation. He has also examined investment incentives and long term technological change in the shipping industry. He is currently working on publishing the results from his doctoral work as articles and starting new projects on the role of geography and incentives to investment in the diffusion of wagon roads in the Americas, and the role of foreign governments and foreign investment in the diffusion of oil production in the Americas.

email: xda@adm.uniandes.edu.co