Former Council Members

Coleman Prize Organiser

Emily Buchnea

Dr Buchnea holds a BA (Honours) in History and Religion from the University of Toronto, an MA in British History from the University of Nottingham and a PhD in History, also from the University of Nottingham. For the duration of her academic career, her research interests have largely focused on the development of Anglo-American commercial relations in the eighteenth and nineteenth century and more generally, the development of merchant networks and business culture in transnational trading communities. Dr Buchnea was awarded the Coleman Prize in 2014 for her doctoral thesis on the Liverpool-New York trade and trading community between 1763 and 1833. The thesis combined a quantitative analysis of the composition of the Liverpool-New York trade and a qualitative analysis of the merchant firms involved to provide a complete depiction of the development of this trading community. Currently, she is involved in a number of projects on corporate networks, governance and performance in twentieth British business at Newcastle University Business School. She plans to build on her doctoral research by expanding the geographic scope of her original project in order to illustrate the complexity of merchant networks and the connectedness of the early Atlantic economy.